Hello Lovely,


I’m Belle: a 22 year old female artist, writer, and adventure seeker.

An INFJ, 4w3, and self-declared bounty towel of emotions, I find myself often absorbing the feelings of those around me, and most of the time dripping my own onto the floor.

A few years ago I started writing online, and I haven't seemed to put down the keyboard (is that a real saying?) ever since. 

The purpose of this blog is to inspire. To encourage you to identify and 'escape' the metaphorical 'belle' jars in your life that are standing in between you and your dreams.

Not sure what a 'belle' jar is? That's perfectly fine! I'll break it down for you right here babe.

Think of this site as a carefully curated collection of inspiration. An art museum of encouragement, that may be just a bit biased towards the color pink.

Here, I use my personal stories + life lessons (often learned the hard way). and share hand selected, inspiring stories of others.

Everything on this site is handpicked by me. No fluff. No click-bait. Just 100% real, and powerful stories of women, that may otherwise be overlooked. 

I hope this blog brings you comfort and inspires you to seize your own destiny no matter where you may be scattered around the globe. 

If you have any further questions or want to recommend a story for me to share, 

Drop me a love note @bellejarpoetry (Instagram) or bellejarpoetry@gmail.com

Please note: All words posted are my own, and have no affiliation with Sylvia Plath's novel, The Bell Jar.

My name is simply a play on words with its title.

XOXO Belle,